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There will be 3 days of sprints, June 7 through 9, and Birds of a Feather June 5 & 6. Come join in the fun!

Sprint Reports

The sprint reports describing the results of PSM13 sprints are available here:

Add Your Own Sprint Ideas and Birds of a Feather Topics

To add your own sprint topic or Birds of a Feather sessions below, login with an OpenID provider. This Plone page is editable once you are logged in.  See the login page for more information about OpenID and OpenID providers.


What are Sprints and Birds of a Feather?

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Sprint Topics


  • MEET IN Sage 3235 at 9:30
  • TinyMCE 4/Javascript. Attending: Nathan Van Gheem, Rok Garbas, Franco Pellegrini
  • PloneEdu web site sprint: finish the new project that was started at PSE12. Attending: Kim Nguyen, Sally Kleinfeldt, William Fennie
  • Finish accessibility work: finalize WCAG 2.0 work started at PSE12. Paul Roeland & Matt Barkau will do cheerleading. a11y team announcement. Include auto testing. Rob Porter.
  • Plone Foundation fundraising: begin work on a new, asynchronous infrastructure for communication between Plone and Set up fundraising infrastructure for Plone. Integrating collective.cover? Strategies for fundraising. Attending: Jason Lantz (with input from David Glick). Meet at 10 / marketing.
  • Dexterity documentation: cleanup, consolidation. Sean Upton is interested in participating remotely.  David Glick can't attend but is ready to help provide guidance ahead of time. Sally Kleinfeldt will helpz Liz Leddy and Steve McMahon can help.
  • Develop a Plone based site for a course that teaches how science works: The goal is a stable Plone site for a course that will help students to collectively blog, discuss, review each others contributions, aggregate review scores, provide feedback between students and teacher(s), embed equations (using MathJax) and develop Glossaries (using PloneGlossary). Priority: A small working core that we extend as much as we can in the time given. Attending: Laurence Loewe, Jonathan Gutow, David Groos
  • Marketing & Communication. [Eric Rozeboom] - The sprint will primarily serve as a brainstorm session, which will ultimately result in a solid marketing plan, to be implemented a.s.a.p. Keywords and ideas:
    • collect existing bits and pieces from previous marketing sprints and related initiatives
    • identify target audiences and communication channels, and place these in a marketing communication matrix
    • fundraising
    • improve internal communication by replacing mailing lists by bulletin-boards
    • ....and .....
  • Removing cpy stuff: Liz
  • Core contributor agreement: Liz
  • Life, the universe, and everything: Liz



Birds of a Feather Topics


  • brainstorm PloneEdu product ideas or tying together products that are useful to universities and schools. E.g. enhancements to uwosh.timeslot, uwosh.pfg.d2c, uwosh.meeting; updates to FacultyStaffDirectory, CMFBibliography; new ways of engaging edu users, developers, and institutions. Attending: T. Kim Nguyen, Sally Kleinfeldt, William Fennie
  • Leadership and Open Source Communities: what is the Plone community doing to develop new leaders from within? What are the skills and qualities we think are best for growing Plone and improving what we do? [idea by Kim - want to gauge level of interest: please add your name here!]
  • Plone+Salesforce: discussion of current issues, needed features, next generation toolkit. Everyone using or thinking of using Plone and Salesforce is encouraged to attend. Attending: David Glick, Jason Lantz, Sally Kleinfeldt, Cris Ewing (via Skype)
  • Plone open strategic discussion, June 5 and June 6 afternoons (5:40 pm, Sage 1210)

Plone Symposium Midwest 
2013 : June 2-9, 2013 : 
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

hashtag #psm13