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Plone Symposium Midwest June 2–9, 2013

The annual Plone Symposium moves to the Midwest for 2013!

Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderfully successful and fun Symposium!

It was the event team's pleasure to welcome you to the city of Oshkosh and to the beautiful UW Oshkosh campus, from the very first strategic sprinters who arrived Thursday, May 30, the trainers and training participants who were here May 31 through June 4, Symposium speakers and attendees June 5 & 6, and the many hardy sprinters (over 40!) who stayed for three days (June 7, 8, and 9) to contribute their code, expertise, vision, and opinions to the Plone project.

We look forward to seeing you here again for Plone Symposium Midwest 2014!

See the recorded video of the talks

See the slides from the talks (some are still missing)

Mark your calendar for June 2 through 9, 2013!

Sage Hall at UW OshkoshThis year, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is hosting the Plone Symposium Midwest, an event that will draw attendees from educational institutions who are web site integrators, consultants, users, content managers and developers in North America and beyond.

The Plone Symposium Midwest will offer training, exciting keynotes and talks, birds of a feather sessions, endless opportunities for networking with members of and leaders within the Plone community, and "sprints" (collaborative self-organizing groups adding to Plone: new features, documentation, themes, and bug fixing).

We have secured lecture halls, classrooms, lounges, and group/breakout rooms in our brand new academic building: Sage Hall, a $40M addition to the campus.

Housing will be available on campus in the newly-opened Horizon Village suite-style dorms and in Gruenhagen Conference Center, as well as off campus in the new downtown Oshkosh Best Western Premier Hotel.

We will have THREE keynote speakers:

  • UW Oshkosh's own journalistic powerhouse, Grace Lim, who has written for national publications including The Star, and who relies on Plone to power her high profile media events [read more...]
  • leadership coach and team performance consultant Dr. Curtis Odom from MOR Associates, the firm that developed and delivers IT leadership programs for University of Wisconsin System, MIT, Stanford, and other renowned universities [read more...]
  • our Plone community keynote speaker will be the inimitable, irrepressible, indefatigable Elizabeth Leddy: Plone Foundation Board member, take-charge dynamo, and no-holds-barred deployment expert [read more...]


The Symposium schedule includes:

  • Three days of training, offered by recognized experts and long time contributors to Plone (June 2, 3, and 4)
  • One day of Plone 101, an introduction to web content management systems, an overview of Plone's enterprise class features, and use cases demonstrating Plone's applications (June 4)
  • Two days of presentations, with topics covering the benefits of Plone, developing add-on modules, theming Plone sites, and cases for Intranets (June 5 and 6)
  • Three days of "sprints," which are collaborative work teams that give back to the Plone community by writing new code, fixing bugs, writing documentation, creating test cases, and designing new themes (June 7, 8, and 9)

See the Symposium schedule for more details


Who Should Attend?

There will be something for everyone at Plone Symposium Midwest 2013:

  • Web site owners who want to learn about Plone: what it is and what they can do with it
  • Users who want to learn about existing and new features
  • Developers who want to stay on top of current development tools and methods
  • Themers and designers who want to learn how to use the new Diazo theming tools and techniques
  • Integrators who need to develop, deploy and maintain rich dynamic web sites
  • Systems administrators who want to improve their ability to provide long term enterprise class support
  • Decision makers who seek to understand the best way to maximize their investment in web infrastructure
  • Instructors and administrators looking for new ways to improve collaboration and stearmline processes using Plone workflow applications
  • Educational institutions considering or already using Plone
  • Evaluators considering web content management systems who want to know what Plone can do for them (Plone 101)


Why YOU Should Attend

  • Plone Symposium Midwest is the premiere Plone event in North America for 2013
  • Other Plone events this year will be held only overseas this year, and the last Plone conference held in North America was in 2011 (San Francisco)
  • Plone 4.2.3 has been officially released and includes new technologies (Diazo, Dexterity) that will soon become critical to your Plone site deployments. Come learn all about them and how you can use them
  • Plone 4.3 is in beta—stay on top of the Plone roadmap!
  • Take advantage of awesome training classes taught by recognized experts in their field! Symposium instructors have written the code your Plone sites already run; come acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be most effective in your role as a content creator, site manager, integrator and developer.
  • There's no better way to get help than by getting to know, in person, the movers and shakers in the Plone world: the friendly people who answer questions in #plone IRC and on, the members of the Plone core development teams, the thought leaders in the Plone community, and fellow educational institutions using Plone.
  • Educational institutions will be joining in a Birds of a Feather session and sprints to further extend Plone into their organizations - join your colleagues to share stories, resources and code.
  • Come see for yourself what a powerful enterprise class web content management system could do for your organization in the new training session, Plone 101.


New to Plone or wondering what it is?

Click here to see our brief overview of Plone (will open in a new window).

Are you thinking of setting up a web site or are considering which web content management system (CMS) to use? Register for the Plone 101 training session!

Plone 101 is for decision makers, managers, and users seeking information about web CMSs: why you need a CMS; how Plone compares to other open source and proprietary CMSs; how you can easily create static and dynamic web sites using Plone; how you can harness powerful features of Plone to maximize collaboration internally and externally and streamline your business processes.

Please see here for more information about Plone 101.


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Getting Involved

For more information about the Symposium, including your interest in giving a presentation, becoming a sponsor, helping promote the event, and/or offering a training class, please contact us.

Venue Information

For information about Oshkosh, getting here, and where to stay, please click through on the following:

Plone Symposium Midwest 
2013 : June 2-9, 2013 : 
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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